Norbert Reiling

Well over 30 years of management experience in developing and manufacturing companies.

From large corporations to (long-term successful) start-ups, including
the last 15 years as division manager and sole managing director in medium-sized businesses

Education in innovation management, leadership, insights, assess, K-i--E,
management of change processes

Active participation in several IPOs and takeovers

Stages of the professional life:
⇒ Studies of electrical engineering at the Ruhr University Bochum
⇒ Development of switchmode power supplies
⇒ Management of European projects in the capital goods sector
⇒ Setting up production and logistics systems
⇒ Sales Manager
⇒ Head of Sales and Project Management
⇒ Head of International Division
⇒ Sole managing director automotive supplier
⇒ Sole managing director international group of companies

Key Areas

#1 Process and production optimization OEE
→ Data acquisition and automation
→ Efficiency increase
→ Reduction of scrap

→ evocon

#2 Business Development national and international
→ mediation of B2B contacts and cooperation with companies in the Baltic States
→ Establishment of foreign locations in Latvia, Estonia, Lituania, China or USA


#3 Business consulting in the development and optimization of strategies,
     processes and organisational structures

→ Strategy development
→ Organization
→ Change Management

#4 Interim Management as CEO, CTO or CSO
→ Restructuring
→ Relocation
→ Company acquisition/sale