With us the human being is at the centre of attention.

No matter whether it is about opening up new markets, internal process optimization, introducing new organizational units or even restructuring:

In the end, all measures must be understood, accepted and implemented by employees.

The right composition of the teams and the early and consistent assurance of the commitment of all those involved ensures the rapid and long-term success of the respective measure.

We support change among employees through intensive professional training.
Through regular feedback and lessons-learned rounds, we ensure that each individual is aware of his or her own successes and is thus increasingly able to eliminate any discrepancies that arise.

In addition to more than thirty years of leadership experience, Norbert Reiling has the Insights and Assess accreditation and is a K-i-E Master of DecisionMaking.

INSIGHTS MDI® is a holistic diagnostic tool for talent recognition and potential development. It measures behavior, motives and the emotional intelligence of a person.
Companies thus place recruitment and talent management on a scientifically sound basis.

With the scientifically substantiated ASSESS by SCHEELEN®-tools companies define the competencies required for their success. They compare these with the competencies of their employees as well as the competencies of job applicants and thus develop satisfied, effective teams. In addition, competence-based interview questions are available for recruitment. ASSESS is an optimal basis for sustainable management development and coaching.

Surely you have had to make a difficult decision alone or as part of a group. Today's professional world (VUKA-World*) confronts us with more and more questions and decisions.
KiE-DecisionMaking is a secure process, which uses the competence of the whole group in a solution-oriented way, in order to shed light on as many aspects of the task as possible
and to create a common commitment of all.
With an accepted and standardized scale, decisions with 100% participation are brought about reliably and promptly in cyclical process steps. These steps are aligned with the human decision-making process according to emotions(E), intuition(i) and cognition(K).

By digitized DecisionMaking with the App DecisionMaker, such binding decisions can also be produced globally and remotely and immediately digitally saved.
*VUCA is an acronym for the terms volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.
It describes difficult framework conditions for corporate management. The term was created in the 1990s at the United States Army War College (USAWC) and was initially used to describe the multilateral world after the end of the Cold War. Later, the term spread to other areas of strategic management and to other types of organizations, from education to business. A strategy for survival in the VUCA world is also derived from the abbreviation, namely: vision, understanding, clarity, agility.
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Rethinking begins with the realization that our brain consists of a cognitive and an emotional system that process, initiate movements and create thoughts according to completely different logics. Whereby the emotion system acts as the origin and end of all thinking, in a cyclical-evolutionary process.  #RichardGraf
Serial thinking would never do justice to the complexity of our thinking and decision-making. Human beings think and act in cycles in which emotions, intuition and cognition exert their influence at lightning speed and overlapping. This is why we speak of emotive-cognitive cycles. For those who recognize them, the decoding of human behavior becomes easy.